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Summit Racing Changes the After-Market Car Game

Summit Racing Changes the After-Market Car Game

Posted by Intellitronix on Aug 3rd 2020

Before the internet, people had to physically go to after-market stores to get auto-parts they needed to customize their car or truck. Ultimately, this was expensive to the average consumer and rarely did they have in-stock items. Then, in 1968 Summit Racing Equipment was founded. They began as a small part-time company out of Stow, Ohio. Word of Summit Racing’s auto parts great prices began to spread alongside their popularity as well. Before they knew it, they needed a bigger building and decided to expand their business to Akron, Ohio.

A few years later in 1974, Summit Racing decided to create and distribute its first once a year mail-order catalogue. Two years later they went from a small company to employing its first full-time phone sales and customer service staff in order to handle the additional volume of product orders. A little over 10 years later in 1987, Summit Racing went from a once-a-year catalog to a six-times-a-year publication so its customers can see more products with up-to-date pricing. They single handedly made it easier to buy car parts and after-market parts like car gauges.

I watched my father go through Summit Racing’s catalogue and order parts for his 1973 truck. I remember specifically holding the flashlight and getting yelled out for not holding it right as he installed the parts himself. However, all the yelling was worth it in the end when we sat in his newly modded truck. Moment’s like these lead to pure happiness in my household and are the real reasons why I got into inventing quality and affordable car gauges and digital dashboards for Intellitronix. Today, Summit Racing Equipment is one Intellitronix distributors for classic car and truck gauges.