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Intellitronix Corp is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting and microprocessor-controlled LED products, which are high-quality, energy-saving devices for the automotive aftermarket. Intellitronix’s products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Eastlake, Ohio using the best materials and automated equipment.

We have a wide range of best-selling designed automotive electronics, accessories, and digital gauges sold and distributed internationally. Additionally, our products have dominated areas of the marine industry with the creation of our unique, more efficient GPS controlled marine speedometer as well as recreational vehicle electronics.

LEDs have become the powerhouse of the lighting world; from traditional lighting to the Intellitronix light-up dash displays, to the industry first unbreakable Ignition box, we have surpassed traditional light bulbs and television and computer screen illumination and are even seen in police lights and vehicle headlights and taillights.

At Intellitronix, we not only understand the power and importance of utilizing LEDs, but we also have the expertise to put that knowledge to good use. 

Intellitronix Corp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US Lighting Group (OTC: USLG).