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Q.   Why is my fuel gauge not working? 

A.   The most common problem is the circuitry is not complete.
       To test this out, use a voltmeter and check the continuity on wires going to the fuel sender. Next,
      disconnect the wire from the Fuel Gauge and check for continuity to the ground.

 Q.   Why is my tachometer jumping?

 A.   Check:

  • Is your ground on the engine block? And NOT NEAR THE ALTERNATOR?
  • Is your engine grounded to the chassis?
  • Is the body grounded to the chassis?
  • Is your red B+ wire going to the battery, when using the pink wire as key on power?
  • Make sure the Tachometer wire is not near power wires or touching coil.

 Q.   Speedometer

 A.   Check:

  • Black wire goes to where the dash is grounded at the back of engine block.
  • Red wire goes to key on power or same as pink wire.
  • White wire is speedometer output wire and goes to the white wire on the Intellitronix Dash.​

Q.   Speedometer Speed Sensor Wires        

       My Speedometer is bouncing when I rev my engine on my car/truck.  Why is that?

A.   Check:

  • Check ignition key on power and ground source are hooked per the install guide!               
  • If using Intellitronix speed sensor, take the three wires and make a 10 to 12 foot pig tail. Place connector end in a vice. Place all three wires in a drill and twist them together. Use Zip Tie to tie wires every two (2) foot and put them in a wire loom. 
  • Make sure speed sender wires are not running next to any other power wires or spark plug wires.​